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SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing

Videolabz produces HD quality targeted videos designed and search optimised specifically for your business. We use trusted and proven online marketing techniques throughout the process, from concept to delivery. The videos we make will deliver your message in a fresh and innovative way. We make sure they receive the maximum web exposure possible so you not only get more traffic, but you will build a substantial online presence which will directly get you more leads and more business.

Consider the change to your business if you were to be at the top of the page when a customer searches for your products or services on Google, You Tube, Yahoo or any other major Search Engine. Whilst you can pay to go in the highlighted area to the right or in the header of a search page, more recent statistics show that 94%* of searches are carried out in the main search results otherwise known as ‘Organic Results’.

The research carried out went further analysing the position within the search results. the findings were:

◊ Result 1: 48%

◊ Result 2: 12%

◊ Result 3: 8%

◊ Remainder: 32%

So clearly being near or at the top of the organic search means you have a far better chance of reaching your target market. Videolabz understand this and understands the methodology to get you there. Using legal, commercially accepted ‘White Hat’ techniques, our team of highly skilled experts can drive your business to the top which will result in improved clicks to your site and a direct and measurable lift in your business and its profitability.

The beauty of this kind of marketing is that it is totally measurable. You will know exactly how many clicks you are getting from what Search Engine and on what day. You will know what search terms work better than others. you can even know what time of day users are clicking to find you. You will be able to capture all this information and more and incorporate it in to your overall marketing so that you can maximise your efforts and get the absolute best response possible.

Working with us will give you:

  • A FREE analysis of all your digital activity, so you will know what you are doing well, what you need to work on and how to do it – yes this is provided FREE!
  • A video marketing strategy
  • Scripting
  • High level HD Production
  • Voice overs
  • Optimisation for your site and Search Engines
  • Help and advice optimising your web site
  • Help and advice optimizing all your digital social activity – Facebook Likes, Twitter, Blogs etc.
  • Ongoing testing and optimisation to ensure you do not just get ranking and hits to your site, but directly attributable business.
* Research from GroupM UK and Nielsen – August 2012