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Videolabz offers a comprehensive menu of creative options from website design to full video production. read more for an indication as to what we can provide.


UK on-line video audiences have more than doubled over the year, so it is vitally important that your organisation has a video presence on-line. Here at Videolabz, we make effective videos that are designed to drive traffic to your website, social media or landing/squeeze page for as little as £150. This is outstanding value as many video and SEO companies not only charge a lot more, but do not provide or even know how to optimise video properly. We work with you to establish the keywords you need to drive traffic and then agree a ranking position on Google, Bing and Yahoo. If we do not achieve the success we agree, you don’t pay us…so you cannot lose!

Website Design

At Videolabz, we also design and build websites, but not just any old websites! Our websites are created with one goal in mind – to generate traffic and business for your company or organisation.

From the get-go, we plan and design websites to rank high with Search Engines, capture traffic and sell products or services. Every element of design, content and back-end activity that we use for a website has to have Optimisation as its key focus. So many individuals and small companies claim to build effective websites, but in reality few do and you end up with nothing more than an electronic ‘brochure’ that nobody knows exists. Here at Videolabz we will either build you a site from scratch or work with you to improve your existing site. We guarantee an uplift in traffic and your conversion.

If you have a website, why not see how well it is doing. Our FREE report will tell you how well your website and on-line media is doing, where it’s failing and how you can improve it. The report is FREE and there is no obligation. Click here to get your FREE REPORT.


Effective emails are fundamental to on-line marketing and Lead Nurturing campaigns. Writing and designing great emails can be the difference between success and failure. Videolabz has developed an expertise in creating effective personalised emails. We will work with you to create compelling content and offers to include in your email campaigns, create a strategy for follow-ups and generate A/B Testing systems.

Landing/Splash Pages

According to Market Sherpa, 44% of clicks for B2B companies are directed to the business’ homepage. Good or Bad, today’s marketer knows the value of using well designed and effective landing or ‘Splash’ pages. According to further research the biggest reason for companies not using them is that they simply do not know how to set them up or write their content properly. Videolabz puts a stop to all that by designing bespoke landing pages for you that are effective, capture correct data and enable you to convert traffic.

Display Campaigns - PPC

These days the minefield of on-line advertising has been compounded by the plethora of networks, individual sites, paid, organic, CPC, PPC and a lot more acronyms that we dare not even mention. Some are effective, others are not – they are certainly all confusing! In most cases the creative used is critical. We can help you through the minefield of on-line display advertising allowing you to either run the campaigns on your own, or with us running them on your behalf. Either way we will ensure you have the most effective ads. and provide A/B testing of various copy.