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Digital Strategy

Everyone knows that in the modern business world a big part of any marketing strategy is going to be digital. We are all spending more and more time online be it via our laptops or more likely our mobile phones or tablets and reaching our audiences and potential customers through digital is a must for any business that wants to compete and succeed.

The challenge is that almost any digital activity cannot only seem overwhelming, but when we are growing a business, digital and social media can take up far too much valuable time and in an ever-evolving market, the whole thing can be daunting and let’s face it, when we do it ourselves, are we really sure we are doing it right and covering all of the angles that our competitors are?

So what is a Digital Strategy? In simple terms, a digital strategy is just a plan of action that will enable you to reach a desired goal, or number of goals that you have set out for your business or organisation. The number of goals and the complexity of your strategy will normally be determined by where you are and what you doing at any particular time within your business, but whatever level, the strategy will help you keep focused and on track to meet your goals and objectives. Whilst a strategy may seem daunting, it needn’t be, although it can be difficult to build one when facing a blank sheet of paper. It is important to note that a Digital Strategy is different from a Digital Marketing campaign insomuch as the strategy is the overall goal/s you want to achieve and the campaigns are the individual routes to achieving those goals.

What Videolabz will do is help you build your strategy and create and execute the campaigns (or teach you how to do them). There are several key elements in building a strategy that Videolabz will do with you or teach you andyour staff how to do.

1. Find out who your target audience is….your ideal customer. Build a profile ideally from existing data, but if you’re a new company from research and market data.

2. Identify and measure your digital marketing goals, which should be linked to the overall goals of the company. Measuring activity is vital. It not only keeps a tight check on budget so you maximise ROI, but it also allows you to refine your strategies and get the most from the market.

3. Evaluate anything you are already doing. As a matter of course, Videolabz will run a free comprehensive audit on your website and Social Media, so you will know what is working well and what needs improving. We run these audits on a regular basis whilst we are managing your campaigns or training you in how to run them yourselves. It keeps us all on our toes!

4. Audit and plan your content. Content is still king and good content will do a number of valuable things from helping you in crease your rankings with the search engines, to attracting new visitors and converting them into leads and customers.

5. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) An effective CRM system is vital so that you have a database of prospects that have opted-in to your business and want to find out more about you and the products or services that you offer. Keeping an automated database will enable you market and re-market to your existing customers, leads and prospects. Any CRM system will form a vital part of any marketing strategy and with data protection laws being changed dramatically on 25th May 2018 under new GDPR rules, all UK companies will need to comply, despite Brexit.