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Videolabz produces bespoke videos that are optimised for Search Engines, with the aim of getting you high rankings on Google and generating new business leads for your organisation.

Targeted Videos

Targeted Videos incorporate search optimisation strategies from their concept through to upload and delivery. The videos we make contain researched rich content from your business knowledge bank and our own extensive research and will give exceptional value to your customers.

The Creative Process

We generate ideas…lots of ideas (we’re good at that). We present them to you and agree on a strategy. We script your video and incorporate SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies you wont even know are there. We then work with you to plan the production and decide on content using HD cameras. This could be a live setting, Animated or dynamic slide style format. If we need you to do a piece to camera, we will coach you so that you present like a professional and deliver clearly and with confidence.

We got 'Gavsy Media' to 4th on Googles Home Page within an hour of completing the video.

Post Production & Upload

We edit the footage, making sure the message is crystal clear, concise and engaging to watch. We will add voice overs and music if needed. We will embed links, add response mechanisms and totally optimise the video so the search engines pick up on it quickly and push it to the top of their pages.