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So you have lots of traffic coming to your site, but not converting it into revenue. Videolabz has a suite of strategies to get more revenue out of your sales funnel.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a technique that allows businesses to cultivate prospects using highly tailored, respected content that aids conversion of these prospects into leads, and subsequently turn those leads into customers. Cultivation of your leads is a continuing procedure. Videolabz runs Marketing Automation programmes that will aid that process by synchronising your strategy across all your on-line marketing, blogs; social media; email; landing pages; etc., and so coordinating your marketing. So with Marketing Automation you will be able to develop your prospects by engaging effectively with them so that they become paying customers and subscribers.

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing fits hand-in-glove with Marketing Automation. We all have leads that slip away from us for a million reasons. The truth is that on-line only 2% of all web site traffic actually engages in any way, so a massive 98% are getting away. SO you have put in all that effort and budget to drive traffic, get them engaged in your site, they look around but don’t convert. What are you doing to get that 98% to do something? If you are honest with yourself, probably very little! We will make excuses, maybe it didn’t appear to be a good prospect, maybe they weren’t ready to buy, or maybe your sales team were just not on the ball at the time the prospect came in. Who knows how many leads, prospects and opportunities you’ve missed over the last 6 months? Have you ever wondered why your competition gets business from a lead that came in to your office? You know your products, service and prices are better, but you still lost the deal. If you analysed it, you’d probably find it is because your sales team dropped the lead for a fresher one. Its natural all sales people do it! With Videolabz, we can implement an Automated Lead Nurturing strategy that will keep on top of these prospects. It will watch their activity across all of your on-line activity. It will send them relevant and timely information and let you know their progress through your sales funnel until they are ready to buy and you can close them. With Videolabz Lead Nurturing you will keep right on top of your prospects, win more business and eat into that 98% that come to your site but do nothing!

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) can be overwhelming, especially for start-ups and smaller companies. There is so much to take into consideration, so much data that can be used and so many elements to consider when setting up PPC campaigns that it is daunting. Not only that, it is a very time consuming discipline and can be very costly especially if you get it wrong! With sensible planning, a full understanding of how PPC works, Videolabz can ensure that PPC is cost effective for you and can become a key element of your marketing mix. PPC is a great way for smaller businesses to get started and develop traction especially in competitive market places.

SMO – (Social Media Optimisation)